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Which may be coming to a close soon.

I see people are doing this, no idea why, but whatever, my turn.

So, I've always liked drawing, and I used to be on this site called Rooster Teeth, they’re the guys that make Red vs. Blue, although I originally found the site through The Sims 2 series "The Strangerhood", but anyway, I can’t remember exactly but I guess I saw someone’s art in the art forum there and they had a Deviant Art gallery, and I’d been wanting to submit my art somewhere it could be seen by anyone but didn't want to give up copyright on it, so after giving the rules and policies and user agreement a thorough read I decided to join under the username “DocRossim” which I was using on The Sims 2, Youtube and Rooster Teeth at the time.

At first seemed like a great site – met some cool folk, found lots of great art, seemed like a fun place. Can't remember what the first thing I posted was, probably on the other page, might not have even put it back up, some of it was pretty bad. Not that anything I draw these days is any good, but at least I was inspired to draw stuff back then.

Here's some:

The Funky Zebra by Ross-SangerThe Artist Ape by Ross-SangerI want to hatch your wymlings by Ross-Sanger

Then the darker areas of Deviant Art began to creep more to the surface...

Early on it was easy to ignore, I was finding new friends here, getting to know people, and I wasn't that bothered by some stuff like furry art, in fact I made an alternate account to experiment with some furry stuff of my own but later closed it when I decided it wasn't really for me, took down some stuff I wasn't comfortable with and posted the tamer stuff to my normal account.

Helen Goes Goth -contest entry by Ross-Sanger

Then I started coming across more and more disturbing fetish art when browsing, even with the mature content filter turned on...

I stared to block people whose artwork I found disturbing.

When groups started, my artwork started to get more popular as it reached more of the people who wanted to see it, and I got made an admin of the Dragonsrule-Club after designing the group's mascot, Roy, and decided to start drawing more dragon characters and revisit some of my old characters more.

Trev by Ross-SangerDuncan and Helen - a little romance by Ross-SangerRoy - 2012 revamp by Ross-Sanger

I also found myself drawing a lot of gifts for the friends I'd made on D.A., an idea I got from other D.A. members who would draw art as gifts.
There's far too many to post here but they can be found here:…

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the internet, I had decided to stop using “DocRossim” for various reasons, and on D.A. in particular I wanted to look more professional, so I made a new page under my real name, Ross Sanger. I posted some of the better stuff from my old page and my now closed alternate account, told my various friends where to find the new page, and continued to use the site regularly.

Ross's Art Desk Deviant ID by Ross-Sanger

I think some of my best work was done after this, which includes my re-design of the Urban Dragons, and my Chinese new year artworks:
Year of the Water Dragon by Ross-SangerYear of the Snake - Nuwa by Ross-Sanger

I regret not posting more though, I often have very high standards for myself and won't post unfinished work. This meant that most of my Eddsworld fan art, for instance, I never posted, up until Edd's untimely passing...
Edd Gould Tribute by Ross-Sanger

Over the years though, friends started leaving or coming on D.A. less, there were more and more weird fetish pictures and other bizarre stuff surfacing to D.A.’s front page, and I found that I was deleting some pictures out of paranoia when they seemed to be getting a lot of attention from people that had large fetish sections to their favourites...

There also started to be more and more vindictive people on D.A. attacking other people’s art for petty reasons, as well as certain artists focusing more and more on negative things, sarcastic parodies and hate art. More screenshots and stolen images were coming to D.A.’s popular pages too, and staff often ignored reports.

Where's the Art? by Ross-Sanger

When D.A.’s adverts started to bring up malware popups and fake update downloads I had to start using Ad Block on D.A. to stop them, which I feel a little guilty about, but if D.A. can’t police their own ads then it’s their own fault, maybe if the subscription was actually worth something more people would pay for it.

Gradually I found the site was annoying me more and more, creating an atmosphere hostile to artistic development rather than nurturing to it, and I began to feel unwelcome.

In the end, I don’t regret joining, I met some new friends who I wouldn't have met if I had not and who I wouldn't give up now for the world, but D.A. is not the place it once was, it’s really gone downhill a lot in the past few years. The site itself is, in terms of the actual mechanics of the site, still a user-friendly, efficient way of broadcasting your art on the internet, but the community... the community has changed, and that means the content has changed, and not in a good way.

So, after some recent events both on D.A. and in real life I am starting to feel like I want to leave Deviant Art. I'll likely leave the page up, but the site has just become more a source of anger for me than a source of anything good. Then again, the internet in general has become like that, as soon as any site becomes well known it attracts a bunch of perverts and trolls and idiots. Urgh. Anyway, that's my experience of Deviant Art over the years.

To those of you who made the good times here good, I thank you, but... I am starting to get the feeling the good times here are over for me.

The Incredible Shrinking Kurami by Ross-Sanger
The Incredible Shrinking Kurami
Happy Birthday to Dee :iconsuprdee2: Hope you like your present :) here's your blind blonde from the British Isles in all her strange life stages.

Originally I wanted to do a parody of the movie posters of "the curious case of Benjamin Button" but the colours looked totally wrong for Kurami, so I just did something more in the style of the Kurami comics, but basically the joke here was meant to be that Dee used to draw Kurami as a teen, then a kid, and now as a toddler, so it's like we've seen her age backwards, a little bit like Benjamin Button.

Anyway, tried to keep with Dee's carton style, hope you like it man, and good luck with the syndication. :D Happy Birthday!
I'm going to take a break from Deviant Art for a while, I don't know how long, could be a month, could be six months, just until I feel like I can come back. I've started to realise that what used to be a place to come and relax and inspire me to draw more has now become a bad influence on me, distracting me from work, sucking my motivation, making me angry and upset quite often, isolated the rest of the time, and as I question more and more whether I should even continue pursuing any kind of artistic projects I am realising that D.A. is not helping in this, not right now at least.

I'm going to be sending notes to a few people to get their contact details so I can keep in touch while I'm away from D.A. so if you get one, that's why. I'm going to be logging on occasionally but only to post things I owe people and to pick up any replies to notes.

I'll be back if and when I get my head straight.
I got my ears syringe-cleaned today, and my left ear is now totally clear, my right ear needs a bit more softening up and then another cleaning.
BUT GOOD GRIEF EVERYTHING IS VERY LOUD NOW, I haven't heard this well in years, or... ever, really.
Trouble is, now I can hear all the little noises too, so sometimes I still can't hear what people have said over everything else :P but I'm sure I'll get used to that.
Extreme points of view are sometimes needed to be able to find the middle point that's actually a sensible solution, but the trouble with extreme points of view, or just stupid ones, is when enough people listen to them, and it's worse still when those points of view are presented in a way that represents a group, a group of people most of whom actually don't have that point of view, but because multiple people in that group have that point of view and are loud about it or get a lot of attention that makes people in other groups think that everyone in that group is like that.

Now, this makes groups fight with one another, and it makes each group less likely to listen to the views of the other group, even if they are sensible.

So, opinionated anti-religious atheists make all atheists look like obnoxious arseholes (even though atheism isn't even really a group at all),
Extreme feminists colour the public image of feminists in general or anyone who stands up for sexual equality as "man hating",
Certain organisations that have the cultural image of the "new age hippie" conjure an image of "eco-terrorist" and "drugged-up tree-huggers" to anyone who cares about the environment,
Religious Fundamentalists create an air of suspicion and paranoia between people of different faiths and make all people of faith seem closed minded and irrational to many people who are not religious,
Extreme Right Wing and Left Wing politicians make their entire parties look mad or stupid or both,
People who post weird pervy stuff all over Deviant Art without mature tags make people think the "Deviant" in the name is for sexual deviancy...

...and so on and so forth.

The worst part is that modern media tends to focus far more on the extremes than they do on those of the middle ground or the average person from that group, because those people don't get the ratings, and often they don't want to actually speak out because they're afraid of the backlash from all the people who have the extremist stereotype imprinted on their brains.


and it seems like every time I watch TV news it's full of this stuff, and many times in soap operas or crime dramas there are groups misrepresented in some way, and every single time I watch anything remotely connected to any political, moral or religious on youtube I see the suggested videos are full of people with views like this, and usually I'll get them suggested in my homepage until I remove whatever video I watched from my viewed videos list (seriously, Google? I watch a video about the Eden Project and I get suggested a crappily animated anti-religious video with more cursing than South Park?)

No idea what I can do about all that really, but I just felt like I needed to have a little rant about it so I can stop thinking about it and get on with life.
Thanks for reading.

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Spikeprime Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Student Filmographer
Hey man, I don't know if you'll read this since you said you may well leave, and if you do leave (which it somewhat looks like you have) then I am saddened by the loss and hope I can talk with you elsewhere.

Just thought I'd do that ol' irregular thing I do sometimes, give you a poke and ask how you're doing, and if you need someone to talk to right now. If you do then please, feel free to talk with me :aww:

If you do end up sending a message my way then please, let me know where's good to talk with you :)
Spikeprime Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Student Filmographer
Heyy man... I just accidentally ended up with the beginnings of a story about complex morality, pre-determinism, robotics and the concept of free will :O_o:

I'm wondering if you could take a look at what I've written so far and let me know what you think ^^;

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AaronThomason Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Happy Birthday :iconcakeplz:
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Spikeprime Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Student Filmographer
Heyy man

Just thought I'd send that ol' irregularly-timed poke and ask how you're doing :D



How ya doing? :XD:
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kentcj Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Professional General Artist
thanx for the comment
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